Custom Birthday Cake Topper

birthday cake topper
Custom Birthday Cake Topper

Custom Birthday Cake Topper

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Happy birthday to you!

In order to help us create your cake topper, please provide as much detail as possible as to how you would like the finished product to look. Providing photos of special details and describing specific colors or clothing items will help tremendously. Thank you for choosing The Sweet Toppers.

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Product Description

Birthdays are a one of a kind yearly event that practically everyone loves to celebrate. Whether you’re turning one year old or 75, birthdays are a great experience because they are the best way to measure the years in our lives. They offer us an opportunity to spend time with family, friends and loved ones to celebrate our lives every year. Having a birthday cake is a crucial aspect of any birthday party, so why not make it special with a custom birthday cake topper?

Our hand-painted wooden cake toppers are the perfect way to make your birthday cake special. They are 100 percent customizable for you to be in control of every aspect. Each cake topper is made with a wooden base sealed for easy cleaning and usually stand between 6″ and 8″ inches in height, depending on the number of ad-ons you choose. You can choose the color you prefer for the wooden base as well as the ribbon color around the base. You can also choose the ground covering, either from a list of our options or you can enter your own text for what you’d prefer. You also choose each and every detail about the person the cake is for, including the age, sex, and appearance.

Our birthday cake toppers can look exactly like whoever they are for with plenty of options to alter the appearance. You can choose the hair color from a list of options, either black, brown, blond, red, grey or customized for a unique hair color. You can also opt for either fair, tan, medium or brown skin tone. We also have various options for eye colors, either green, blue, brown, hazel or black. The client can also choose facial hair options, hair accessories and add-ons, and you can even upload a picture of yourself to get the closest resemblance possible. We also feature a variety of outfit options, and we offer you an opportunity to give us a detailed description of what you prefer the outfit to look like. We also ask for the age of the person the cake topper is for, so we can add this as a wooded number background. We also have an option for another customizable add-on, either in the form of a pet or something else that means a significant amount to you. This adds an extra personal touch and meaning for the birthday boy or girl.

When we begin creating your special customized birthday cake topper, we prefer to have as much information from you as possible regarding themes, colors you plan on using in decorations, and any other descriptions of items used. The more information you offer us when it comes to what you want, the more likely it is for us to give you want you want and make your birthday cake topper as special as we can.
Birthdays are already a special time for everyone each year, and purchasing a custom cake topper will make your birthday stand out in your memories even more so than before.

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