Custom Anniversary Cake Topper

Anniversary Cake Topper

Custom Anniversary Cake Topper

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Congratulations on your upcoming Anniversary!

In order to help us create your cake topper, please provide as much detail as possible as to how you would like the finished product to look. Providing photos of special details and describing specific colors or clothing items will help tremendously. Thank you for choosing The Sweet Toppers.

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Product Description

You and your loved one’s anniversary is likely one of the most important dates of your lives. Maybe you’re celebrating the anniversary of the day you first met each other, the day you began dating officially, or the anniversary of your wedding to one another. Regardless, you probably want to make your anniversary as special as you can.You might plan an evening out or a special dinner, but a cake is a definite must-have for any special event such as this one. Celebrating with a beautiful cake for the occasion is a great idea, but there’s one thing you need to amplify the effect – a custom anniversary cake topper. Let The Sweet Toppers make your anniversary even more special than it already was with ours.

Our customized anniversary cake toppers are each created with a wooden base, sealed safely so it can be easily cleansed after usage. What’s special about our cake toppers is that you can customize each and every little detail of this cake topper, from the type of ground covering you prefer to the eye and skin color of each individual topper. For each figure, you can choose any skin color you like among these options: ivory, medium, tan or brown. Then you can choose the eye colors your prefer for each topper: blue, brown, green, hazel or black. You can even customize the hair color for each of toppers individually: from bald, black, brown, blond, red, gray or customized for more unique hair color options. You can even choose the hair style for your toppers, as well as any add-ons for each hairstyle like ponytails or updos. The outfits and facial features for each topper can be customized as well. This way, you can customize each topper for you and your partner perfectly. The wooden hand-painted topper is sculpted individually with clay arms and hands.

Our anniversary cake toppers are hand-painted for ultimate personalization after you choose each option for the toppers. The toppers are between 6″ and 8″ inches tall, depending on what height you choose. Once you choose the sizes and types of figures, we add all the special add-ons to create an individual cake topper just for your and your loved one.
What makes our anniversary cake toppers stand out is how personal and unique each individual topper is. We also offer options for wife and husband, husband and husband, or wife and wife, which can’t be found with the majority of cake topper companies.

Purchasing a customized cake toppers for your anniversary celebration will make it special because it signifies your relationship with your partner. Your relationship is unique, and therefore deserves a unique method of celebrating. It makes the event that much more special. You can also use these cake toppers for a surprise anniversary celebration for a couple you know, perhaps your parents or grandparents. The customization will impress them and it will mean the world to them that anyone cared enough to put this sort of effort into their celebration.

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