Christening Cake Topper

christening cake topper

Christening Cake Topper

$ 150.00

  • First Figure

    Describe the adult or child to be baptised or christened, or describe one of the parents that will be holding the child. This figure will stand on the Left side.
  • Figure Two Right Side

    This is for "Parents/Gaurdians holding child" option only. Describe parent/ Gaurdian on Right Side.
  • Baby Being Baptised/ Christened

    "Parents / Guardians holding child" option only
  • Add Family Members

  • Using above form criteria, please describe any additional family members in great detail to ensure accuracy
  • Price: $0.00
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Product Description

If you’re a member of a very religious family, christening for your child is one of the single most significant and valuable moments in parenthood. Christening and baptizing are two very similar acts that symbolize an individual’s relationship with God and give the baby a fresh start into developing Christian beliefs and relationships. Some families like to celebrate their child’s christening, and rightfully so. If you’re getting a cake for your child’s christening, you should consider trying out one of our christening cake toppers.
At The Sweet Toppers, we’re dedicated to giving you the most visually pleasing and unique cake topper that we can. Our cake toppers have a wooden base that’s sealed for easy cleanup and you can choose each customization aspect from there.
For these particular cake toppers, you can choose among these three options initially: adult, child, and parents holding the child. You then go on to choose from the variety of base colors we offer, as well as the type of ground covering you prefer and the color of the ribbon that circles around the bottom of the base.
After that, you can fully customize each individual topper as you want. We feature a large variety of options to customize on our cake toppers. You choose the skin tone, the hair color and style, the eye color, and you choose the clothing you prefer. You can also fully customize the baby being christened and you can even opt to add in another family member if you wish to.
When you’re customizing your christening cake toppers, it’s important that you give us as many details as you can. If you want to send a photo of the couple, the baby or the outfits, feel free to do so and we will make sure that photograph is re-created to your liking.

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