In a lifetime, one’s wedding day tends to be the single most important day. Weddings are incredibly special and signify a lot for a couple to come together in union, so it’s no wonder that weddings are usually very well-planned and thought about. One of the most important aspects of the wedding is the wedding cake itself. If you want to make your wedding cake a little extra special, try out our bride and groom cake toppers.
Our wedding cake toppers are very unique and have each and every detail customized for your special day. Our toppers start with a sealed base – for easy cleanup – and include at least one hand painted wooden figure with a customized outfit and hand sculpted arms and hands.
For The Sweet Toppers wedding cake toppers, you can choose among these three options – bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom. We want to offer equal opportunity to all of our clients to get the best cake toppers they can find.
From there, you can go on to customize as many or as few aspects of the cake toppers as you please. You can choose the theme for the cake topper overall, the color of the ribbon that circles around the base of the toppers, and the ground coverings. If you have a particular theme in mind that we don’t have offered on our list of options, you can describe a custom theme you have in mind.
You can then customize the skin tones, hair colors, hair styles, facial hair, clothing and bouquet options as well. We even offer the option to add a family member to your cake topper, so you can include your pet or kids on the topper.
The Sweet Toppers wedding cake toppers are sure to make your wedding day that much more special for you and your loved one.

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