Whether you or someone you love has a birthday coming up in the near future, you’re probably trying to plan for the perfect day. There are lots of things that make birthdays special, but the best – and most fun – part of birthday planning is figuring out the cake to purchase. If you want to make your birthday cake a little extra special, try out one of our custom birthday cake toppers this year.
The Sweet Toppers birthday cake toppers are truly one of a kind. When you begin customizing your cake topper, the first thing you’ll want to do is let us know when the day of the event is. Then you can go on to choose the color of the wooden base, the ribbon color, and you can give us your own personal ideas for a custom ground covering. Don’t forget to tell us the age, as well!
After making those initial decisions, you then choose whether you want a male or female, child or adult cake topper. We try to make these as open-ended as possible, but feel free to add in any sort of custom ideas for your individual topper.
What clients love about The Sweet Toppers birthday cake toppers is that we let you completely customize your topper as much as you want. You choose the skin color, the hair color, the eye color, and the type of hairstyle you prefer. You can even upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl so that we can implement every little detail.
We also have a variety of outfit options for your cake topper; however, if you don’t like our options, you can also add a photo of an outfit you prefer and we’ll do our absolute best to recreate it for you. You can also feel free to add any other family member or pet to your cake topper.
Birthdays are incredibly special to those who enjoy celebrating them, and we want to help make it as great as possible. These birthday cake toppers are a great idea to surprise someone for their birthday, because not many people will go out of their way to make a birthday cake that special. It’ll make the birthday girl or boy feel like their birthday party was unique and created just for them in mind. Why wouldn’t you want to make this day as awesome as it can be for someone you care about?

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