At The Sweet Toppers, we understand how important it is to make your anniversary great. An anniversary signifies a very special time in everyone’s life, and it’s not something that very many people take lightly. Our custom anniversary cake toppers are the perfect addition to making your upcoming anniversary as special as it can be.
Each of our custom toppers stand between 6″ and 8″ in height and have their own wooden bases. From here, you can choose as many add-ons as you like to make it as customized as possible.
When choosing the individual toppers, we have three topper options available that will suit all needs adequately: a husband and wife topper, a wife and wife topper, or a husband and husband topper.
You can also customize each aspect of the topper as much as you like, including hair color options, skin tone choices, a variety of eye colors, hair styles, hair extras, different types of facial hair, and we can even customize each of the outfits for the toppers individually. We also have an option where you can select the type of theme you prefer for your topper, some of the choices being winery, fall, winter, and we have a custom option if you have another theme in mind for your cake toppers.
We also feature an option to add another family member, so if you want to add a child topper, some other special family member or a family pet, you can send us a photo or simply a detailed description and we can add that to your cake topper for you as well.
When you choose your anniversary cake topper, it’s important that you give us as much detail as you possibly can. We want to give you the best cake topper for your special day that we can!

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