10 Amazing Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

Wedding cake is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a wedding reception. It stands royally as a centerpiece, while everybody waits to get his or her share. If you are planning to get married soon, then below are given 10 amazing wedding cake decorating ideas that you and your guests will surely love.

  1. Traditional Wedding Cake

The traditional cake is all white, with understated designs. It has some typical designs, though you can also opt for damask designs, quilting designs, and basket weave. The traditional wedding cake is generally made in white color or sometimes in silver or pearl traces. Even though such cakes are pretty common, they still look beautiful, pious, and attractive.

  1. Wedding Cake with Flowers (Real Ones)

If you want your cake to look more colorful, then you can add some real flowers to it. Orchids and roses are the most common flowers used for cake decorations. Brides can even choose to coordinate the flowers of their bridal bouquet with the flowers that will be used on their wedding cake.

  1. Wedding Cake with Fruits

These wedding cakes are also popular and taste as great as they look. The cake here is generally a traditional white cake, and it is decorated or topped with fresh fruits including blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and kiwis and so on. Fruits can also be made using sugar paste.

  1. Colorful Wedding Cake

If you have chosen colors as your wedding theme, then you can opt for colorful cakes like red velvet cake, chocolate cake, platinum cake, green/blue cake, ombre cake and so on. You can select the color depending on the theme of your wedding. The colorful cake can be decorated with designs like swirls or fruits and flowers.

  1. Wedding Cakes with Seashells

If you have a beach themed wedding, then seashell cakes would look just perfect. Seashell motifs can be created using icing, marzipans, molded chocolates, or other candies. Seashells can be teamed up with underwater creatures like corals and colorful sea urchins.

  1. Sandcastle Wedding Cakes

Sandcastle shaped cake are also perfect for a beach wedding. The cake should look like a natural-colored sandcastle, and can be decorated with fun seashells and various sea life accents.

  1. Metallic Wedding Cakes

The beautiful metallic cakes will surely wow your guests. Bronze, pewter, silver, and gold are amongst the colors that can be selected from. Molten yellow gold, however, looks most stunning, particularly when it is created in high layers. You can opt for a complete gold cake, or just use it for addition of details.

  1. Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Hand painted cakes are very trendy, and looks amazingly beautiful. It is an easy idea to personalize even the plainest of cakes, and the results will surely stun anybody. Flowers, leaves, large graphics, hearts, etc., the choice is just endless when it comes to hand painting the cakes.

  1. Wedding Cake with Cake Topper

By selecting the right cake topper, any wedding cake can look just perfect. The bride and groom statue topper has been used since a long time, but you do not have to stick to that. Custom illustrated toppers are in vogue now, and you can even opt for sign cake toppers.

  1. Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes can easily be made at home, and are becoming increasingly popular. Either you can give all the cupcakes the same flavor, or you may even use different flavors and decorate each cupcake in a different way. Thus, the guests will be able to enjoy different flavors, rather than a single big wedding cake.

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