Why Christening Cake Toppers Would Make a Great Christening Gift

Most people have birthdays and anniversaries down pat; however, some occasions leave people stumped and totally clueless. Christenings are one of those occasions. Aside from the fact that Christening parties did not use to be the norm, common gifts are used to be of the religious nature — either bible, crosses or some other symbolic gift marking the child’s entry into the Christian world.

In other cultures, money is also a common gift during christenings. This is to help defray the cost of having the baby christened and this was usually the gift given by the god parents to the child’s parents. Now that Christening parties have been transformed into more of a social event, the gifts have become varied and more functional. Not everyone will be giving the child a bible, or a christening gown.

Not a Birthday Party

Since it is not a birthday party, giving gifts of toys and clothes or shoes is not ideal. While there are instances when stuffed toys are given, these have customized messages such as “Happy Christening” or “Welcome to the Christian World!” instead of being bare. There are also balloons and cakes or cupcakes. These gifts are much more personal in the sense that the giver of the gift is usually the one who prepared it.

Consider it as a labor of love: baking cakes and cupcakes for the Christening party of a child. If you are not a baker though, you can give Christening Cake Toppers as a Christening gift. You can choose to buy this or create it yourself. The ones that can be bought are personalized too, so don’t worry about it being commercial or too common. You can order the cake topper ahead of time and have it customized. You can add the child’s name, your message for him or her, as well as a bible verse or quote that you would like to add.

You can choose from different symbols as well as such as water, a dove, or other symbolisms depicting baptism. Since it is a child’s christening, the christening cake topper would already make for a great christening gift. The toppers can be made from ceramic material and can even be baked and glazed to make it last for a long period of time.

After the event, the cake topper can be cleaned of frosting or icing and kept in a glass case or jar. This would serve as a memento or souvenir of the child’s christening. It will also be a great way for the child to remember the event as well as the people who attended this important occasion in her life.

Christening cake toppers are not expensive. They will also allow the gift giver to be creative and imaginative when it comes to coming up with a design. There are also ready made ones that you can order and eventually customize before the Christening. The child’s name and the date of the baptism is often added to make it a souvenir item. Besides the large cake toppers, smaller versions can also be made to top the cupcakes being served to the rest of the guests.

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