10 Fun Wedding Cake Traditions

A wedding is one of the biggest days in anyone’s life and there are a few things needed to make it special for the couple. The wedding cake is one of these and a few traditions have grown up around this over the years. The following are some that any bride and groom should consider.
Cake Cutting
This is a special moment in the big day and generally takes place during the reception. Bride and groom join hands to share a knife as they make the very first cut into the cake. This is traditionally one of the first acts they carry out together and is said to symbolize their new life as a married couple. It is a picture-perfect moment of the day and a nice photo to grace any wedding album.
First Slice
After cutting the cake, the bride and groom will usually feed each other with a portion of the first slice. This is said to represent their commitment to taking care of each other during married life. It was was traditionally carried out by the couple as a way of showing family and friends they would provide for each other. Like cake cutting, the feeding of the first slice is a photograph most people want for their album.
Cake Toppers
No wedding cake would be complete without it being finished off with toppers. These are typically a representation of the bride and groom. In many cases, the topper will depict the bridepunk21_cp in a white dress and the groom in a black suit. However, it is possible to get more unique cake toppers these days. These can reflect the couple enjoying a shared interest or hobby, and it is possible to find plenty of other ideas such as hearts, love birds, animals, and more.

Keeping the Top Tier
Most wedding cakes are built up of a series of tiers, with the intention being that these will feed the assembled guests at the reception. This is generally considered to be lucky for those that eat a piece. However, many couples will save the very top tier of their cake and safely store it away. This is then brought out to be eaten on the first anniversary for luck and as a way of remembering the big day.
Tall Cakes
Creating a tall cake for a wedding is said to have come from an old tradition where smaller cakes and rolls were stacked up at a wedding, with the newly married couple then trying to share a kiss over the top of them. It was a sign of good luck and fertility if they managed to do this and the idea of building up a tall wedding cake has remained to this day.
While it may not be as popular as it was in times gone by, the tradition of placing charms in a wedding cake is still enjoyed by some. This was another lucky sign for a guest fortunate to get a slice that contained a charm. These were typically hearts, rings, crowns, anchors, and other symbols of love, good luck, and fortune. Originally they were baked into the cake although the more common practice these days is attaching them to a ribbon and pressing them in. This allows them to be more easily removed.
White Cake
Queen Victoria of Britain is said to have been the inspiration for the popularity of white wedding cakes, when she chose to wear a white dress for her marriage to Prince Albert. The cake is traditionally seen as a symbol of the bride and when white caught on for wedding dresses, the color of the cake followed suit. It is now the most common option used for the cake at a wedding.
Groom’s Cake
This is another wedding tradition that likely dates back to Victorian Britain. While the main wedding cake is seen as a reflection of the bride, the groom’s cake is for the man. These days they are commonly made of chocolate and decorated to show the groom’s interests. The cake can be served at an event the night before the ceremony or in some cases is boxed up and given to unmarried ladies attending the wedding.
Wedding Cake Dreams
Legend has it that those sleeping with a piece of wedding cake under their pillow will have a dream that night about the person they are going to marry. If unmarried woman receive a piece of groom’s cake, they are supposed to place this under the pillow on their bed to dream of the man that will come into their life.
Breaking baked goods over a bride’s head to shower her with crumbs was originally carried out to represent fertility. This is said to date back to Roman times, where barley bread was the baked item of choice at weddings. This does not work so well with the confectionery cakes made today although some couples choose to smear the first slice on each others face. It’s not a tradition that everyone will go for although it does make for some unique wedding photos.

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