Top Wedding Cake Flavors 2014

While it may seem as though wedding alternatives are making their way into the scene replacing the traditional cakes, the wedding cakes are still holding their ground and does not seem to be making an exit any time soon. Couples may experiment on different things such as ice cream stands, pie tables and pancake stands in their receptions. But many wedding couples are actually still prefer to go with traditional wedding cakes over these alternatives. So it probably is safe to say that a party without a cake does not earn itself the term party, it is merely a meeting. When choosing a cake for your weeding you will have to make the choice of which flavor you will want to have, aside from choosing unique wedding toppers. And just in case you are not well versed in this sector, the following are the top most popular wedding flavors that you can choose from and make your wedding stand out from the rest and memorable too.

1. Red velvet

Its name gives you a hint of the color that it comes in, yes a deep red. Its red color is the prefect hue that will represent the romance and love during the wedding. When it comes to the flavor, it is not too chocolaty and neither is it too vanilla either. It has just the perfect blend. It is very smooth and rich and many times it i finished off with cheese frosting for its cream. Although it is fairly new in the market, its popularity is rising by the day.
chocolate wedding cake
2. Chocolate

This flavor, yet again, tops as the most popular cake flavor in weddings especially given that it has so many varying levels of richness and many options of paring the flavors. What is considered to be a children’s flavor, can easily be turned to a new and sophisticated level after mixing it with different flavor accents such as strawberry, orange and mint. You can indulge yourself and the guests with a light chocolate flavor such as the German chocolate or the chocolate fudge.

3. Raspberry with white chocolate

Another combination soaring through the charts is that of the white chocolate with an added tart of raspberry fruitiness. Whether it is raspberry cream, raspberry jam or filling, the pairing brings a new freshness to the traditional chocolate flavors of cakes.

4. Lemon

Lemon, right? Who would have thought? They are fairly new, but these tangy and light wedding cake flavor is curving out a niche for itself capturing the market by storm. This citrus flavor is just right for a wedding in spring and is a perfect choice for those couples who do not want to have a rich and heavy flavor in their wedding. It can be paired with strawberries, raspberries or whipped cream to get a perfect and tasty blend of fruit. Or better yet, you could stick with the lemon buttercream (frosting). To finish the cake. The Lemon Raspberry Ripple is also gaining a lot of popularity.

5. Vanilla

If there is anything that history has proven over the years is that you can never ever go wrong with the plain vanilla flavor. Many couples over the years have been going with this flavor and it has never disappointed. It is one of the most basic and simple flavor on this list ad can be kept that way using vanilla frosting or can be dressed with virtually any frosting that you would like. The options with this flavor are almost endless. It is the best flavor to go wild on without particularly pleasing the crowd.

6. Lime and Coconut

Want a flavor that brings to mind the tropics? Choose the coconut and lime flavor. The rich coconut cake that is combined with a tart of lime frosting or filling is a flavor that will send your taste buds in a wild frenzy. It is the best choice for those who do not want to go with the traditional chocolate flavor but still want a cake rich in sweetness.

7. Pink Champagne

This is a very unique cake flavor. Why you might ask? Well instead of using water to batter, champagne is used, hence its name, pink champagne’. Its pink color is not however as a result of the champagne but as a result of the food coloring that is used. What better way is there to celebrate the union of two love birds that with bubbly in the cake? The common toppings and fillings for this flavor are such as the Bavarian whipped cream, custard (rum flavored) and dyed pink white chocolate shavings.

Champagne Cake

8. Carrot

This is the best flavor for those who want to take the non-traditional route. Like the red velvet and the lemon flavors, this is a fairly new flavor too but by the day, it is gaining popularity. This dense and soft cake is very moist and has a very good consistency to it as a result of the nuts and grated carrots that may be added into the cake in the battering process. It is even more delicious when it is paired with frosting made of creamy cheese. It is one of the best alternatives for the common vanilla and chocolate flavors.

9. Fruit cake

This flavor of cake is usually filled up with fruits such as raisins, currants, sultanas, cherries, apricots, prunes that are soaked in brandy before being slow cooked and dates. This is one cake flavor that is not only delicious but also healthy as apart from the sweetness, the fruits incorporated into it provide you with necessary nutrients. This flavor is especially good for those who are very keen to watch what they eat or are trying to cut down on their calorie intake.

10. Rainbow Cake

This is one flavor that is fit for those couple who are looking to have a colorful wedding. You can have as many layers as you want but they are normally seven hence the name, rainbow cake’. Each layer will have a different color of the rainbow sandwiched between layers of vanilla butter cream. Your guest will be surprised when you finally slice through this one of a kind gem. Don’t you agree?

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